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Living with mental illness means that on some days it will be even harder to cope and you might not be able to explain why. It could be because you havent slept enough, because a smell reminded you of feeling sad, or for no reason at all.

This is a reminder that we dont have to justify our feelings or abilities to anyone, just do whats needed to make it to the next day.

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He knows what he’s done. But he’s in too deep to back out now.

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Issa Lish Photographed by Anairam for ELLE México

the gold on her cheekbones!

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"You think she’s cute? Have you tried telling her?"



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Asians are in an interesting place, ugly-stereotype-wise. The most common thing for people of color to be stereotyped as is as impulsive, emotional, violent—this is the ugly stereotype that clings to black and Latino communities. And being stereotyped as a “thug” not only puts limits on one’s socioeconomic mobility, it also has more immediate results like getting shot dead and your murderer being acquitted. By comparison, being stereotyped as intellectual, stoic, and boring might seem like a nice problem to have. Certainly there are some Asians who have gleefully embraced the image of being the diligent worker bee.

But stereotypes like this reflect what I like to call (appropriately enough) “Goldilocks racism”; it’s not that African Americans get a “negative” stereotype and Asian Americans a “positive” one, it’s that both stereotypes represent unhealthy extremes on a spectrum with white Americans presumed to occupy the “normal,” desirable middle.

—    "Model Minority Rage: Why the Hulk Should Be an Asian Guy" by Arthur Chu (x)

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"clean up clean up everybody do your share" what the FUCK is this communist propaganda 

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When asked, “How’s school going?”

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